The Sensel Morph

We all are familiar with our touch screen devices, few are normal ones and few are pressure sensitive. Working on a touch interactive device is always fun. Its interesting as well. But most of our touch interactive devices are mostly for any one application. So, to make it more interesting Sensel has come up with […]

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Thumbnail Trackpad

Its the age of wearables and smaller gadgets now. People try to make the gadgets as small as possible for our comfort. The smaller the gadgets are the easier it will be for us to us it and carry it around.

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Flex Cam PIC

Today its not just pointing a camera and taking a picture, we have selfie sticks, go pro cams and  a lot more gadgets. A selfie stick and a action cams are different things. What if we have just one gadgets for both! Thats what Flex Cam PIC is!

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